Re-post; ‘Mister Lucifer’


Mister Lucifer,

I think we really need to talk,
cause you caused me some problems
so let’s just take a walk.
You’ve had some influence on my younger years,
so I want to confront you with my troubles and my fears.
Your children scared the hell out of me, 
at least I thought.. but you didn’t agree.

So let’s talk about your son Violence for a minute.
He abused me when I was only a kid,
and you know it so just admit it
He and his best friend alcohol they did it!

Then your two daughters, Jealousy & Envy.
I was a young girl so I didn’t see,
There were some problems with them, later plenty.
I became crazy, cause all their hate weighted to heavy!

Your oldest came around the corner.
Introduced himself as anger, looked like a real gangster
said he was a strangler.
I asked him why but soon enough he let me felt the answer!

And then at least you, Ruler of Temptation.
You’ve tried it, I felt the crush of your frustration.
You FAILED and I love the taste of ya irritation.
I’ve beated you with your own hated nation!

The important thing I wanted to tell is that I am stronger,
So a note for you cause for me you live no longer!




2 thoughts on “Re-post; ‘Mister Lucifer’

  1. Sheryldine, Your nice comment on my website got me looking around your website & reading & “Liking”…..but I struggled to try to leave a comment. I clicked to comment on your other posts but was only successful here. Your writing in good & I see reflect past years of experiences of yours or others with a hint of Cousin Patty’s Darkness, a little, but mostly YOU! I encourage you along with all you are about to post something. That’s what I do now…post every other month or so. Please yourself & not others!!! Geri & I are staring to sample some of the other candies you sent! Wow!!! We love them! So different! Geri says it is the salt in the candies???!!! Sending love to you for so much…getting to know you. Phil

    • Phil! 🙂 i’m sorry it’s a new theme for the website. I don’t really know how it works either but luckily you found a way to comment! Thank you for wandering on my blog, yes also I write with darkness but i’m still a very happy girl, just as all of us i also been through a lot. That’s why I started this little place on the internet! Thank you so much for the encouragement! And I like to please people very much but this place is for me in first place! The salty candies are named salmiak and drop! My favorites!!! 😀 yeah haha its very different never found something like that in other countries, thats what makes it typical Dutch right!

      Thank you so much Phil!
      My regards to Geri!!

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