Poem; ‘An alcoholic mistake’


It started as being though
A real man of sixteen
Parents beated him up
Everything made unseen

Grew up full of hate
That is where it all began
Carrying all the weight
He opened a beer can

Couch potatoe all day long
Throwing up in the kitchen sink
Too misserable to come along
Got himself another drink

The boy from back in the days
full of toxic.
he became a haze
and a real alcoholic

A life long full of pain
It dragged him down
Crawled into his bottle
And let us watch him drown


9 thoughts on “Poem; ‘An alcoholic mistake’

  1. Sheryldine, Ah, now things are working better to comment after your post! Quite a piece on young alcoholism here by you! Write when you can. I know how busy you are!! This is so good! Writing must run in the family from Patty to you!!!! Thanks for your comments on my last post, one of the best comments I ever received in what you said in few words!!! AND, Geri & I are enjoying exploring the candy you sent. WOW! So good! Geri says the difference is the salt taste!!! Phil

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