Re-post; ‘Happiness’

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One thought on “Re-post; ‘Happiness’

  1. Sheryldine, Well said about Happiness!!! To comment here I click under the “Like” photos of people where it says “Comment on this post?” And then to the right is a faint grey box that comes up Black with a + sign when I put the cursor on it & I click it to get the “Leave A Reply” box!!!!!!!!!!! And then after typing this reply, there is no place to click “Post Comment” until you put the cursor under the reply box, bottom right, & then it appears! Still appreciating everything in your goodie box & just today FINALLY put everything in its place like Geri’s woman’s products to the bathroom, Dutch coffee cups to the cupboard, candy to out candy cabinet, etc. And saving all the notes from you & Patty! Phil

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